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Standart Ziggy Marley - "Keep On Dreaming"

"Keep On Dreaming"

When you left me, I didn't cry, but my heart was heavy
as heavy as lead
I sit there thinking with no thoughts in my head
I could not be comforted, by the living or the dead

So I keep on dreaming to communicate
and I keep on dreaming if that's what it take
keep on dreaming, it's never too late
keep on dreaming, cause that's what it take

I see you in my visions, and it seems you're right here
I wish I didn't have to wake up, but here comes the light of day
it's been too long now, since you went away
won't you come back, so we can play


I knew it wasn't over, it was only the start
cause I see the light that shines in the dark
the questions have answers, my love isn't lost
fate put us together, so nothing can tear us apart


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