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Cool Hack Wifi with Beini(WPA,WEP) 2013 New Pack !

Hack Wifi with Beini(WPA,WEP) 2013 New Pack !

Beini is a small linux distribution that packs a punch.

Beini offers an array of WiFi security audit tools. The downloadable file is an ISO that can be burned to CD or USB to use.

Beini is noted for its speed and extensive list of WiFi supported-devices and chipsets - AR9271, Ralink, Atheros, among others.

Using Beini for auditing your WiFi
In order to use Beini scenarios to carry our your own wireless security audit - i.e. to test the strength of the encryption of a WiFi connection - you must use both utilities included, Bib and Feedingbottle.

The first is a WiFi scanner which measures the intensity of the signal and can discover networks around you. The second is a packet injection utility where you should select the WiFi card, the listening mode and type of attack. There are plenty of online tutorials that will tell you how to use Beini, but remember that lots of uses are illegal - you should only use Beini for assessing the security of WiFi connections you own.


Start unetbootin and put .iso beini on USB,or...
You can put Beini in on CD. I recommended to use CD(just few cents) rather use usb( unless you have pretty much) but for me I only have some USB and the Beini size only 42MB. (not worth 4Gb USB) . The other way is using VMware ..I'm not try it with version 1.2.3 but with version 1.2.2 would not detect the wireless card if you are using laptop.
Make sure you change the first boot to CD/DVD or USB (depend where you burn the software)
Restart computer,insert CD/USB and press ENTER when your computer ask for it..
The easiest way to ***** is to wait the owner is Online. It's mean there will be client list .
You just need to click Deauth and Start. Leave it doing the job till the KEY FOUND

Download: Click Download Hack Wifi with Beini(WPA,WEP) 2013

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